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Birthday Program

The birthday program helps to nurture the relationship that your business shares with its employess, whether your are an office of 10 or 10,000.

The birthday program is also a great way to celebrate your producers and everything that they do for AMS More than holidays like Christmas, Easter, or Thanksgiving which may not be celebrated, birthdays are celebrated by almost everybody, making them ideal for an employee nurture program.

You provide SFA with an excel spreadsheet with the name, address, and birthday of the recipients and tell us which item you would like to send them, and each week we send out the birthday gifts for everybody who has one that week! We can even include a birthday card, custom printed with their name, a list of events that happened on their birthday and some prominent figures who have the same birthday!

Susan Fielder

Critical Customer Contact (CCC)

According to John R. Graham, when all other things are equal, customers will tend to go and stay where they feel the least neglected and most cared for. When customers leave us for greener pastures, while they will usually give price as the reason, the real reason is perceived neglect.


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